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Owners Title Insurance

OWNER’S TITLE INSURANCE: Owner’s Title insurance is designed to protect the policyholder of such title insurance for covered losses caused by defects in title (ownership) to the Real Estate that are in existence on the date and time the policy of title insurance is issued. Title insurance is different from casualty or liability insurance. Owner’s Title Insurance is also different then Lender’s Title Insurance. 

Buyer is encouraged to inquire about the benefits of owner’s title insurance from a title insurance agency or provider. An owner’s policy of title insurance, while not required, is recommended. A lender’s policy of title insurance, if required by the mortgage lender, does not provide protection to the Buyer.

It is Buyer’s sole responsibility to make inquiries with regard to owner’s title insurance prior to closing.

We recommend it and you can find information about it at:

Beckman-Group YouTube page,, and your own Google searches…

Contact your loan officer/title agent before closing if you decide to get this insurance.  With some banks, you can get a discount on owner’s title insurance if you purchase it before the closing.

Radon tests during your home inspection

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA.

We recommend it be tested during your home inspection

Termite inspection

Consider adding a termite inspection to your home inspection. FHA/VA loans usually require them.

Home Warranties

Call HMS home Warranties to get specifics of what is all covered in detail.


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